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WebCare Solutions

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WebCare Solutions

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Your website is one of your business’s most valuable assets, so investing your time and money in a new website is exciting, but it doesn’t stop there.

It needs to be protected and kept up to date to avoid exposure to a number of security vulnerabilities, perform well and ensure software is up to date.


That’s why we’ve created our range of Website Care Solutions – designed by digital experts who understand what businesses need when their sites aren’t being maintained correctly, so they can get back on top again quickly without worrying about anything else other than running their company successfully.


Be confident that your website is fully protected against hackers and malware, backed up daily and up to date with all the latest plugins and content management system releases.

WebCare Core

From £75.00 per month

Designed for websites that only require hosting or that are self-managed, our Webcare Core package provides great value with enterprise level security as standard and SSL certification included.

Included As Standard

WebCare 360

From £140.00 per month

WebCare 360 is our best selling web hosting and security solution trusted by over 100 businesses. This package is essential for any website that needs cutting-edge security and super fast website delivery. It also provides on-site SEO enhancements with  dedicated, on-the-fly image compression and reformatting.

Included As Standard

Additional Features Of WebCare 360:

WebCare Platinum

From £350.00 per month

The ideal solution for any serious ecommerce website, WebCare Platinum offers the best in security and analysis for your online store. With additional features to support TLS/PCI security compliance and payment processing on your site.

We also include a transactional email service to increase deliverability and consistency for all of your site to user email communications such as password reset or purchase order confirmations.

Included As Standard

Additional Features Of WebCare Platinum:

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Our WebCare solutions offer peace of mind and security for your website.

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