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GA4 Migration

The essential update to your website data tracking

Google Analytics 4

Bespoke migration service and audit processes tailored to your business needs.

Migrations completed

The migration DEADLINE is fast approaching, Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics in July 2023. Luckily there is still time to get ahead without the risk of losing all of your current analytics data.

With the Agentix GA4 migration service, you can future-proof your analytics setup and take advantage of all the powerful new features that are coming exclusively to users.
Our experts ensure your transition is seamless using our Managed GA4 Data Evolution system, confidently migrating your business to meet the next gen of data insights. Make sure nothing gets between future business growth potential and great user experience again.

Google is officially saying goodbye to GA3

Many websites are still making use of the Universal Analytics tracking setup, but soon this version won’t be supported and so it will be necessary to migrate to
GA4 – and fast.

Setting up a Google Analytics 4 account is no easy task, it requires properties to be correctly configured in order to collect the RIGHT data. Don’t risk inaccurate data or losing insight into valuable metrics.

What’s the big difference between Universal Analytics and GA4 that changes how businesses set up a website?

To determine user count, Google Analytics 4 employs the User ID technique and includes active users on the site who are currently engaged with the site. On the other hand, Universal Analytics uses the Client ID approach and focuses on the total number of users on the site.

Our experts make sure none of your tracking data gets left behind.

Are you ready to join the clients we’ve prepared for the NEW ERA of Data Analytics?

The importance of data

Inconsistent data is our biggest customer complaint, closely followed by cookie management and compliance issues.
Well-managed efficient data tracking (analytics) has proven time and time again to be one of the key factors in business success… it’s no secret.

Google Analytics is currently an invaluable tool for businesses, why? It allows them to get to know and understand customers, leading to clear marketing and business goals and actions.

Introducing GA4: the future of Google Analytics

GA4 aka Google Analytics 4 is the fourth generation tracking tool about to set the new standard in measuring digital traffic.

It has expanded measurement capabilities to help you get a better understanding of how your website performs. With new features and improved data collection, Google offers more insight into conversions than ever before in order for business owners, like yourself, to make decisions that will increase their success rates on the internet!

GA4 packs a lot of new FREE features that will become invaluable to your business. Data-driven attribution (leveraging machine learning) is the key to clever marketing for eCommerce businesses.

One of the most notable changes in GA4 is that IP addresses are no longer collected or stored. In Universal Analytics, you were able to see IP addresses unless you physically went in and anonymized them. This is the first of many changes made to protect user data.

How does this help your business?

Looking to migrate to GA4?

Use our GA4 Migration Service with training for your team

Get GA4 ready now. Our GA4 migration service is designed to get your data aligned, validated and tracking the most important metrics for your business.

You can use our dedicated switch over service to get things up and running, don’t have any analytics we can help you get things up and running with accurate data from the start. 

Setting up your new property

If you don’t have any Google Analytics properties, we can register a new account and set up an additional property in GA4 for your website. This can also be done alongside the Universal Analytics if you’re already gathering data on your website.

If your website uses a plugin or extension that requires you to manually enter the “UA-” ID, you’ll need to add Google’s global site tag (gtag.js) to the head of each page, which you can normally do through your website builder’s custom HTML or page layout or our team will happily help you do this.

What our GA4 experts will do for you

These steps form the basis for our scientific approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation. It’s key that any CRO work undertaken follows a set process to ensure there are no unexpected outcomes or loss of revenue on your website.

Auditing your current set-up including key information about your users and data segmentation ready for your new GA4 platform

Setting up your new GA4 platform and creating a data stream to best collect data form all sources. We’ll also connect any Google advertising properties you may have.

Making sure your data is tracking accurately is a critical part of the migration process. We’ll look at acquisition and event data to ensure accurate collection.

Now we’re all set up and running we can look to add new custom tracking goals that are relevant to your business objectives and website KPIs.

We’ll create a new reporting dashboard in Google Data Studio that will allow you to get quick  insights on your website’s performance, and where it can be improved.

Finally we’ll train your team on how to use the new GA4 system and how to generate your own bespoke reports within.

The deadline is fast approaching

Talk to us about your GA4 Migration

With the deadline approaching and this service in high demand we are limiting the amount of projects we can book in for our migration service

Please request a quotation for your GA4 setup of migration using our GA4 migration questionnaire. Our team will then get in touch to provide accurate pricing and time frame to complete your migration. 

Why move to GA4 analytics?